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Andrae’s Bakery | A Little Gem in the California Gold Rush Territory



Andrae’s Bakery (yes it is spelled exactly like that) is a little gem located in Amador City. Despite the grandness of the City part of the name, Amador is a tiny little town, so small that, if you sneeze while driving through, you have passed it. It is located in the middle of California gold rush territory, not far from Sutter Creek, and like Andrae’s Bakery, it is a little gem. For us coming from the Bay Area, it is also on the way to McLaughlin’s Daffodil Hill, which is where my friend Valerie and I were headed that morning.

Valerie knows the area pretty well, as she and her husband come up this way several times a year. After almost three hours of driving, we both heard a cappuccino calling our names rather loudly. A lunchtime pit stop was just the ticket, and since she mentioned hearing good things about this bakery, well, you know me, I had to check it out. And we scored! Again!




The bakery is small, but a full fledged one, meaning: besides delicious pastries and divine desserts, they also bake fabulous breads in flavor combinations that will have you wanting this one, that one and the other one as well. It is also a coffee shop serving great espresso drinks – and you should know how important that is. Beyond that, they are also a pantry, or market if you like, selling an assortment of seriously good cheeses and high quality local specialty foods. To tempt you further, in their refrigerated section you will also find assorted sandwiches made with their freshly baked breads that you can pick up for your lunch. You can take your scrumptious purchases to go, or you can enjoy them at one of the little tables outside.




Choosing from the selection of pastries, savories and desserts is not easy. After ogling everything, we picked up a sandwich each (my choice was Le Parisian), and then limited (sigh!) the desserts to three. The idea was to eat the sandwiches, then just sample the desserts, taking the rest home so Jack could also have a taste. It did not quite work out that way. We ate the (very good) sandwiches, and when the sampling started, the desserts were so good that we kept on going. Besides, it was a hot day, and we had not thought of bringing a cooler, so it made sense, don’t you think?

My first choice was the Custard-filled Brioche, followed by the Lemon Tartlet with White Chocolate Curls, and finally the Chocolate Mousse Cake. Valerie’s priorities are the other way around: chocolate always comes first! And I know many of you feel the same way, which is why I posted the image of the chocolate cake at the top of the post.




Andrea’s Bakery is family owned and operated, and has been in Amador City since the summer of 2000. Everything is made fresh and from scratch daily by a dedicated team of bakers, who use fresh ingredients that are, as much as possible, locally grown. They even have their own vegetable garden from which they source fresh vegetables all year round.


This little bakery is not to be missed if you are going to, or driving through, Amador City, at least as long as this happens on Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Those are the days when Andrae’s Bakery is open. Like many of the businesses in Amador City that rely mainly on visitors, the bakery is only open a few days a week. But they are sure worth the wait!

Parking is easily available on the street, as well as in little open parking areas here and there. Even if you have to walk, you will not be walking very far, wherever you do park, and there are cute little shops to peek at along the way.




I hope you are enjoying all the bakeries I am discovering for you… Ok, for me, too. Haha! And I am sure there will be more to come.

Note to self: do not edit food photos when hungry. Do not edit food photos when hungry. Do not edit food….  Hmmm… I think there are macarons in the refrigerator…. *wink*



14141 Old Highway 49, Amador City, Ca   |   ph (209) 267-1352   |   website






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