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Bathe In The Atmosphere Of The Forest With Instagramer Ellen Borggreve



A few months ago I discovered the exquisite forest photography of Ellen Borggreve. Since then I have not only been following her on both Facebook and Instagram, but have her posts on notification, so as not to miss any. As you look at these images, you will understand why.

Forests and fog, in any season, are one of the most mystical combinations, and one of my favorites. Like snow, fog makes everything even more beautiful and adds qualities of silence and mystery. Ellen Borggreve captures it all masterfully.

These photographs show you mostly the forests near her home in The Netherlands, though a few are from Alsace, in France. I have organized them sequentially so as to take you on a journey through the seasons from spring to winter.

“These forests were dark and scary places to me as a child, but these days they are my biggest source of happiness and tranquillity.”




Born in a small village in the Gelderland region of The Netherlands, Ellen still lives there with her family, and focuses her artistry in soft sculpture and fine art photography. They are her passions.

“In my photos I try to convey stillness. I love the mystical moods of the early mornings, and I am especially fond of fog and haze.” 

Just by looking at her images I can feel her deep connection with these forests, the trees, the waters of the creeks and in the mist, the snow… And that stillness that she is so good at conveying: I feel it coming from deep inside of her.

While I was still living in Hawai’i and started visualizing (non tropical) forests in my meditations, this is what I saw. And the yearning to not only spend time in forests, but also photograph them is still strong, and getting stronger with each outing, like a thirst that can never be quenched.





You can enjoy more of Ellen Borggreve’s beautiful photography by following her Instagram stream at @ellenborggreve, and her Facebook page. On her website you will find her portfolio and also the links to purchase prints of her exquisite work through Dutch art gallery Werk Aan De Muur. and the American Fine Art America. You will find a wonderful selection of images at both links.

As for me, I can’t wait to spend some time in Europe so I can visit her and go together to explore and photograph the mystical forests of her homeland.




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