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Tyler: “Wiggles and howls everyone! Long time no see! Did you miss us? Got treats?”

Cody: “Awrooooooo! There are unknown humans at our house, they are dressed in white and have containers of smelly stuff. Our food bowls have been moved, along with everything else. They even put up these scary white ghostly things between the kitchen and the living room. Don’t they know Halloween is over? Sgroof! I’m worried….”

Tyler: “My brother the worrier. Mommy said they are painting the kitchen and living room and that is why the plastic curtains are up and everything is gone into the other rooms. I’m cool with that, as long as I can find my food bowl and there is chicken in it.”




Cody: “Snort… sgroof… I’m still worried. Good thing Mommy took pity on us and took us out for a ride and a walkie early. This is so much more fun. I love coming here where the grass is still green and soft and sniffing each and every blade.”

Tyler: “Yeah, it takes you forever to pick up your pee-mail! And I always have to hear ‘Wait Tyler, come on Cody!’. But it is nice here, and I could go for car rides all day every day!”

Cody: “Me, too! Me, too! And don’t you just love it when there are all these leaves and the fog makes everything so cool and quiet?”

Tyler: “Love it! Did you know that here in San Francisco the fog’s name is Karl? I like that name… Karl the Fog. Yes, I really like it. Is there any chicken? And I love cooling my belly in the grass, especially with all these fun leaves! Uh-oh, I see one of our buddies coming, let me put on my focused pup look.”




Cody: “Great! We get to sniff some butt! Me first, me first! I’m the oldest after all… Oh yeah, We’ve met this one before. I like her. Ok, lose interest, move on. Next!”

Tyler: “Hold on, hold on, I have to do my turns and go potty…” Looking at Mommy: “Is this right?”

Cody: “You are still checking with her to see if you are doing it in the right place? Don’t you know by now? You are a big dog and not a piddly pup anymore, for chicken’s sake!”

Tyler: “Chicken? Did you say chicken?! Mommy can we go get some chicken? Or treats…. either will do. Yeah? BOL! Bye Karl! We are going to get some chicken!”

Cody: “Whaaat? We have to go back where the scary, noisy strange humans are? There better be LOTS of chicken. Sigh… Bye Karl! Bye everyone!”

Tyler: “Oh yeah, bye everyone! Chickeeeen!”




Cody trots off picking up speed, pulling us along, the Mission Impossible theme starts playing in the background.

Wiggles, woofs and slurpy kisses from Ze Boyz!

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Photographed with iPhone5 on an early and foggy fall morning in Marin. Not too shabby for an iPhone5, but then FFF (fog and fall foliage) make everything better, don’t you think?


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