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Just this morning, one of those synchronicities that I should have gotten used to, but still catch me by surprise, brought me to a delightful discovery. A friend made a comment on another friends’ photo on Facebook. Something about what she wrote made me take a look, and…. pouf! There it was! A book about Powerful Places in Wales.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. This discovery was so in line with what I was thinking of and the direction I am taking my life in, that I went from anxious to excited in 2 seconds. No, wait, scram that, it only took half a second. Don’t you just love it when that happens?


I was feeling a bit anxious because tomorrow I am off on a long trip, resuming my travels after three years of staying put.

Wales is a magical place which resonates with my heart a lot, and one that I intend to explore again in more depth.

Finding a book like this was one of those OMG! moments that bring rushes of good energy; another confirmation (we all need those all the time apparently) that I am on the right track.

True, it may be a small thing, but sometimes, small things like these are just what we need in that moment, and they can mean a lot.


It was impossible to resist. Even if I was short on time (I still have to pack), I had to find out more.

I discovered that this is a freshly published book, the latest in a series covering other magical places: Scotland, Brittany, Ireland, Catalonia, and even the powerful Camino de Santiago.

The books, researched and written by Elyn Aviva & Gary White, are available for purchase on line at the various Amazon stores, at Barnes & Noble, and also as e-books downloads in the iBooks section of the iTunes store.

For more information on the books and a list of all the Amazon store links + other purchase options  click here to get to the main website.


I have downloaded them to my iPad and am looking forward to exploring them on my upcoming trip, but I thought I’d share this discovery with you before leaving.

Below you can see the rest of the books available.



Have fun exploring!





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  • Kimma09/05/2012 - 12:17 pm

    hey what is your fb pageReplyCancel

    • admin09/06/2012 - 9:39 am

      Hi Kimma, you can find the link to my Facebook page by clicking on the little tab (marked FACEBOOK) on the top left of this page. Or you can find it at http://www.facebook.com/OutOfAllBounds
      Sorry for the delay in my response. I’m traveling so I respond as quickly as I can.
      Aloha, MonicaReplyCancel

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