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Nature’s Song: a Magical Musical Experience with Todd Boston, Silvia Nakkach and Matthew Schoening

Last month, Todd Boston (guitar), Matthew Schoening (electric cello) and Grammy Awards 2015 nominee Silvia Nakkach (vocals) came together on the stage at Marin Showcase Theater in San Rafael for a memorable performance. I am finally able to share about it with you.




It all came about when my friend Michelle e-mailed me several weeks prior saying she was coming my way to attend a concert called Nature’s Song and would I like to join her. I must admit, I had never heard of these musicians before, but I hadn’t seen my friend in almost nine years, and a catch up over good food followed by good music sounded perfect, so I said yes.


When we sat down in the rather uncomfortable seats at the Marin Center Showcase Theater I was not sure what to expect, but I knew it would be good. It wasn’t. It was better. It was magnificent!

Through their chosen instruments, these three absurdly talented artists created a harmonious convergence of sounds that conjured the spirit of nature. The title Nature’s Song was the only perfect choice.

To give you a taste of it, here is a video of the rehearsal with Todd Boston and Silvia Nakkach.


Two special guests joined them, each for one song: flutist Bodhi, and emerging vocalist Kopi Gulbranson, both also incredibly talented.

The performance was further enhanced by a slideshow of beautiful nature images by Andrea M. Boston. I can just imagine how otherworldly it would be to experience this concert under a forest canopy, or possibly even at the Tamalpais Mountain Theatre, which is an open air amphitheater reminiscent of the ancient Roman ones.


During the intermission, I had the chance to quickly meet Todd Boston, and then browse among the CDs that were offered – the only difficulty being which ones to choose. Though in hindsight I should have just noted the ones I wanted and then downloaded them as MP3s directly into my iTunes, I picked five.

Here they are. If you click on each image, you will get to the website where you can listen to a sample and purchase the music in CD format or downloadable MP3.


































I had never heard electric cello before, and certainly never seen it played, but now I am a fan. And Matthew Schoening is a true virtuoso, so now I am a fan of his music, too, as I am of Todd’s and Silvia’s.


I am not sure when and where a repeat of Nature’s Song will happen, but I am certainly keeping my eyes and ears open for it and, when I find out, I will let you know, too.
In the meantime, I know that these artists are performing regularly in various locations, sometimes solo, sometimes together or with other musicians, so I invite you to check out their websites and follow them on social media to keep updated.


Matthew Schoening   |   website   |   facebook   |   twitter

Todd Boston   |   website   |   facebook   |   twitter   |   youtube

Silvia Nakkach   |   wikipedia

Bodhi   |   website


I am sure you will enjoy this music.

And you are welcome.


p.s. I just found out that, on Mother’s Day, May 10, Bodhi is doing an epic production called “Peace is Now” with an all-star band of musicians and singers at the same theatre. Click here to view details about the event and purchase tickets.



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