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Edison, English Cocker Spaniel dog


I thought it was time for some wiggly-ness, so I am presenting Edison. Edison – or Eddie for short – is a super cute, super wiggly and friendly English Cocker Spaniel who lives in the town of Kailua, O’ahu, Hawai’i. Is he lucky or what?!

Eddie likes to play with his human sisters, run around the yard and jump into the pool to cool off on hot sunny Hawai’i days, which happen practically every day.

Like any true island boy, he also likes the beach and knows how to look cool wearing a lei.


Edison, English Cocker Spaniel male dogEdison, English Cocker Spaniel Dog


And yes, he is really good at catching, especially treats! He will stand up on his back legs and reach high for them, then share his smarty-pants doggy wisdom with us humans. Good wisdom, I’d say!


Edison, English Cocker Spaniel Male dogEdison, English Cocker Spaniel Male dog


The photo above is my favorite image from this shoot. It is actually one of my favorite dog portraits ever.


Edison, English Cocker Spaniel Male dog


Ok, a couple more pics because Eddie is just too cute. As you can see, he can do a pretty good butt-plop and a serious beached-seal to cool off his belly.


Edison, English Cocker Spaniel Male dogEdison, English Cocker Spaniel Male dog


Below is the image that was chosen for the calendar.


Edison, English Cocker Spaniel Male dog


Do you have a dog, or dogs? Would love to know, so why don’t you tell me about them in the comments, or maybe even post pics on my Facebook page. What are their names, and quirks, and funny habits? Because they can get seriously funny. I am constantly entertained by mine. What was that? Oh, I see… All right, I will introduce my two fluffy-butts soon.



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