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Cody: “Considering this is a throw-back-Monday-let’s-go-back-to-baby-time kind of post, I thought I would show you the very first pic Mommy took of me. See the mix of concern and defiance in my look? I should be in movies!”

Tyler: “Yeah, right, now he’s a movie star! That’s just attitude, and he puts that on every day! BOL!”

Cody: “Hey, what do you expect! This was the first time I spent the day with Mommy! I thought my people had abandoned me, and was wandering if I would ever eat again! Besides, she kept pointing this funny thing at me (I know now it was a camera) all the time. What was a puppy to do but slink under furniture?”




Tyler: “Then I came along, and got you out from under the furniture!”

Cody: “Oh, boy! Did you ever! Such a pain in the butt you were. Still are! Always asking for attention… and getting it!”

Tyler: “You should learn from the Master! BOL!”




Tyler: “See that odious black fence? It took me all of five days to figure out how to get out of it. My people had to get creative with new ways to keep it locked. And even then, I would push it all over the place, sometimes dragging poop along, what I didn’t eat of it anyway. And all Cody would do was just sit there and look at me, then take advantage of the freedom. Because he may not look it in these photos, but he was still a puppy, too.”

Cody: “I was never a puppy! Haven’t you heard? I was born an ancient, wise soul. That’s why they call me Yoda!”

Tyler: “Yeah, right! Mister Wisdom is talking. They call you Spooks, too! And they called you that long before you got your Yoda nickname.”




Cody: “I am not spooked! I am just cautious. And you should talk, always running to smile and wiggle at any stranger without any care in the world. You can only do that because I am here keeping things safe for everyone. How do you think you got called Ham?”

Tyler: “Ham is a good name. I like ham, especially the cooked kind, or the cured kind, or any kind. Besides, I am such a good little helper around the house, which is why I got a theme song.”




Cody “Pffft! Real Wild Child by Iggy Pop! Who would want a silly theme song like that? I have a better one. Come on, sing with me! We are having a heat waaaaaave…. a tropical heat waaaave… the temperature is rising, it isn’t surprising, it certainly can.. can, can!”

Tyler: “Well I’m just outa school, like I’m real, real cool, gotta dance like a fool, got the message that I gotta be a wild one…. Ooh yeah I’m a wild one… gotta break it loose, gonna keep ’em moving’ wild, gonna keep a swingin’ baby, I’m a real wild child!”




Cody “Whatever! You were still following me around everywhere. I taught you everything you know: eating ice cubes, rolling on the floor, how to drink from the water bowl, making the ‘little lost puppy’ face so you could get to sleep on the bed, appropriate potty spots… though I did not teach you to eat it. Yuck! I always thought chicken was much better.”

Tyler: “True, you were a good mentor. I learned a lot. I especially liked the trick to get me to sleep on the bed, and how to get Mommy to open the refrigerator so I could chill. You are a good big brother, which is why I spent all my puppyhood and beyond slurping your ears. Wasn’t that fun?!”




Cody: “I did like the part of my ears getting cleaned. I did not appreciate it when you chewed on the outside, making me look like someone had given me a bad perm. Grunt.”

Tyler: “BOL! That was the most fun! Which is why I still do it sometimes when we wrestle. Come on, want to wrestle now? Or chew a toy? Let’s get a squeaky one! I like squeaky ones.”


Baby Tyler, cute Tibetan Spaniel puppy dogCody-Tibetan-Spaniel-puppy-dog


Cody: “Nah. I think I will just go and stare out the window for a while to make sure the world is still together. I will contemplate and meditate and keep watch, sending out peaceful vibes, and will bark in case of danger. I will look very regal doing that, of course.”

Tyler: “Whatever! Just don’t bark too much, you know how you get. I will go and get some fuss from Mommy. All I have to do is sit up, look cute and she will pick me up and put me on her lap. I like being on Mommy’s lap.”




Cody and Tyler: “Bye everybody, see you next time with more pics and antics from us. Don’t forget to bring treats! Chicken works, too! Wiggles and slurpy kisses all around.”


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