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Cody: “Do you know that this past Wednesday it was National Dog Day? Just making sure you spoiled your dogs extra special, but if you are real dog people then you spoil your dogs extra special every day. That is what happens in our home all the time, so we are pretty lucky boys! Awwrroooooo!”

Tyler: “Ok, now that we got that cleared up and out of the way, let us go to the topic du jour, which is…. CHICKEEENN!!! I’m kidding, chicken is not the topic of the day, though… why not? Can we have some some chicken?”




Cody: “Why? Is there a topic of the day other than chicken? Because chicken sounds good to me! And, since when do you speak French?”

Tyler: “Of course! Don’t you remember? The thing that we both hate to do? You know… in the carriers…I shudder to think of it.”

Cody: “Oh yes… now I remember. Do you know that we lived in Puerto Vallarta for a year? We flew there from Hawai’i with a Los Angeles stop over, and then back to Hawai’i also via Los Angeles. And now we are back in California.”




Tyler: “That’s right! We are traveling dogs. And we do like to travel,  just not in airplanes. We are told that we are too big to fit under the seat in the cabin with Mommy, so we have to go into these awful little prisons and into this dark and scary space with all sorts of terrifying noises. Even a brave boy like me gets scared down there.”

Cody: “Phooey! So ridiculous and so unfair! We are sweet, quiet and better behaved than most human children. Actually, better behaved than a lot of adults! We can go many hours without having to… well, you know, go outside and do our business; and as long as we are next to Mommy, we are happy.”




Tyler: “Yes, and maybe get a little chicken. We may have fur and not speak like humans, but we not lesser beings because of that, and we are still ‘ohana, and ‘ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind, or forgotten. Or travel in cargo!”

Cody: “In the past couple of weeks a big hoo-haa has been made about American Airlines’ announcement of Cuddle Class for pets in first class. It is a start I guess, but still not much better. Basically we would be trapped inside a tiny closet. We are not big dogs, but still may not fit in those little cubicles.”




Tyler: “Come on, 19″ x 13″ carrier space is not much of a change from ‘under the seat’ space. Again, this isn’t likely work for us. And why a closet with a door that won’t let us see anything? Why not a grid-type door that would still be secure while allowing us to see our Mommy and feel reassured? And I am sure it can be made to look pretty enough for first class.”




Cody: “Mommy moved us all to the Mainland so we can all travel together by car without having to fly, at least on the continent. And at least until she wins the lottery and then we can fly in private jets, spoiled and pampered like the princes we are.”




Cody: “I think it is time airlines changed their policies and seating to allow real quality space for us, too! What do you think? Do your dogs travel with you?”

Tyler: “Can we go have some chicken now?”

Wiggles, woofs and slurpy kisses from Ze Boyz.



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