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Color: What’s in it for ME?



Our last blog post talked about color and this one is going to talk about why we would even WANT to use color.

Here’s the scoop: Our bodies are quite remarkable and we have several energy centers in them. For our purposes we will focus on the seven main energy centers, which we call Chakras. These align with the spine straight through the center of our torsos. Each energy center, or chakra, is connected to a color, a system in the body, a note, a fragrance, a gem, and a gland in the body.




Each of the seven rainbow/chakra colors carries a unique vibratory energy. That energy is the originating source for the qualities above (glands, fragrances, gems, characteristics etc). When the chakras are operating at their optimum vibration, all is well. But when they are depleted or overly inflated they become unbalanced, which begins to throw things off in our beings. This can happen at the physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual levels.




If you are at all tuned into your body and being you will know when something feels “off” or not quite right. It might be difficult to pinpoint exactly where that imbalance is occurring but you know it is there. For example, you awake one morning feeling totally out of sorts. But you have no idea why. It could be that your energy level is faltering and you need more red. Or it could be that your emotional/spiritual level is affected because you did something against your moral code which could be a violet, green or yellow issue. Or perhaps someone recently hurt you by saying or doing something that threw off your concept of self, upsetting the delicate balance of ego in the yellow.




Whatever the imbalance is, you can feel it. The task is then ours to determine where our color imbalance lies and to then rebalance it. For if it is allowed to continue, things can get worse, much worse, sometimes manifesting as disease or disability.

That is not to say that all physical/mental/emotional/spiritual issues are due to color imbalance. There are other things that play into this such as life mission, karma, and so on, which is beyond the scope of our series on color on this blog.




Back to the chakras: We have 7 of them, which correspond to areas that align with the spine, beginning at the base of the spine with red. The next one is just below our navel and is orange. The solar plexus is next with Yellow. Green is located at our heart chakra, Blue at the throat, followed by Indigo at the third eye, and Violet at the crown of the head.

We will be addressing each of these in turn in the weeks that follow which will give you a basic knowledge of color and how to use it to your benefit. If you find it valuable you might want to pursue your learning, for what I will tell you is not even the tip of the iceberg!




I think you will all agree that life is full of challenges and lessons. As we work our way through them, we use the color energies stored in these chakras and energy centers. For example if we are having trouble speaking up for ourselves, we begin to deplete the blue in our throat area and we might develop throat issues, thyroid disorder, or have chronic issues with the throat. Then there is the emotional level of not feeling heard or listened to, or feeling isolated and alone. It goes ever deeper until we begin to replenish our stores of blue energy to the throat.




We replenish our colors by wearing them, eating them, surrounding ourselves with the color, wrapping up in a blanket of the needed color and so forth. In the case of the person who needs blue, she might eat more blueberries, blue potatoes, eggplant, dark grapes or Blue Moon ice cream! She might wrap her throat with a blue scarf, and wear blue clothing. She might find a beautiful bouquet of blue hydrangeas and put them on her night stand or her desk, somewhere close to where she is so she can absorb their frequency.




In this way then she will absorb the vibration of the blue over time. This does not happen overnight, just as our issues don’t develop in one instant, but unfold as time goes on. When I began to use color on myself, I needed the color of orange. I was so depleted in that area that I detested the color itself. I could not bear to be around it. It sounds counter intuitive but often we dislike the color(s) we most need.

I was working with Aura Soma at the time and used bottle after bottle of orange over orange. (Aura Soma bottles contain two levels or color which can be all the same color or two colors.) I can’t tell you how many bottles that was but it took almost a year to fill up the orange supply in my body. During that process of strengthening and rebooting the orange, I began to like the color, then I adored it! I could not get enough orange in my life.




Interestingly enough, I also was having difficulty with being heard. My voice had been lost for so many years that even I could not find it. As I mentioned above, that is a blue issue. Blue is the complementary color to orange and often in color therapy we work with complementary colors as a team to help rebalance an area. And often both colors are depleted at the same time. So it is helpful to know which color is the complementary color of the one you need. I have found that often, when we need a color and identify it, when we look at the complementary hue (the one opposite your color on the color wheel) we find issues that might be less glaring but certainly very important pieces of our healing journey. In fact, they could be the main cause of the issue that shows up in the other color!




What I mean by this is that for me, my main issue really was in the not speaking up for myself which caused the issues found in the orange. Who knew! By the time I put this all together I was well on my way towards restoring balance to each area. The beauty of color therapy is that it is inexpensive (often costing nothing!), readily available, fun, supportive, effective, gentle and powerful.

Here are a few ways to replenish colors when you need them:

  • Foods and drinks
  • Clothing and accessories
  • Blankets, sheets, towels, and other linens
  • Fragrances that relate to the color you need
  • Music that relates to the needed color
  • Flowers, gems, stones
  • Essential oils and flower essences, gem and stone elixirs
  • Activities that relate to the color you need




I hope you will enjoy our journey through the rainbow which will follow and in the end you will be intrigued enough to study more about color because what you will read in this series is just the tip of the iceberg.

And here I have to insert a little announcement. On Sunday, November 1st I will be interviewed live by Eleyne Mari of Aura House on her Color Calendar radio show on Blog Talk Radio, which is part of her Simply Color Day events. Eleyne is also one of the contributors in my new book Simply Color for Everyday Living. If you would like to listen in, you can go to this link at the time, and if you would like to call in with comments or questions, you can do so at this number 1-347-934-0154. The interview will be between 12:00 noon and 12:30 pm EST, and don’t forget that on Sunday at 2:00 am, Daylight Savings Time ends and we all go back 1 hour.

Afterwards, between 1:00 and 2:00 pm EST, there will be a Twitter Party which will be rich in colorful giveaways. You can follow along and participate with the hashtag #simplycolorparty for a chance to win a 30-minute reading with me and other fabulous prizes. So come join in the fun!

So glad to have you on this journey with me, and I hope to be talking to you on Sunday!





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Notice: the following paragraph contains affiliate links, but these are products that I truly love.

Color expert Diantha Harris offers a series of tools to help you reach your life’s potentials, among which classes, personal consultations, in-depth readings, a series of color sprays she has especially created, and two wonderful books chock full of information. Her newest book, Simply Color for Everyday Living, was published just recently and is the long awaited sequel to her first, Simply Color, Second Edition. Both books and all services are available through her website, Life Potentials.



Other articles by Diantha and about color you might enjoy:



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