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Need help with Relationships or Creativity? Orange is your answer!

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Orange is one of those colors that people either like or they just don’t. Very few folks are wishy-washy about orange. I will get to why in a moment, but for now, take a moment to check in with yourself and see how you feel about orange. Later on in this post, we will see why these feelings are important to notice.

Orange is a very juicy color and relates to our creativity, including artistically, mentally and sexually. Orange rules the glands of our sexuality so if we are having trouble creating in any endeavor, we need to turn to orange to see how that effort might be supported. It also relates to our relationship issues, our joy or bliss, and our ability to relate to the world in general.


In its challenge, we see in orange problems leading to addictions, co-dependency, and reflective of past traumas and shocks. I do not know of a single person who has reached adulthood without a trauma or two in their past. Indeed, we all have received plenty of bumps and bruises along the trail of life, so is it any wonder most of us are depleted in this area of our beings?




When I began my study of color using the Aura Soma system from England, orange was the only color that I did not care for. Frankly, I hated it. I could barely stand to be in the same room with it. My skin crawled when I saw it, and I avoided looking at it whenever possible.

However, our wise souls always know what is best for us, and so it was in that first class that I began to use the color orange in spite of my aversion to it. I bought one bottle, then another, and so on until nearly a year later, I was able to move on to another color. It took me months and gallons of orange to replenish my much-depleted system.




I did not understand it at the time as I do now. Having very wise teachers, I was supported by both them and the colors to begin to heal this vulnerable, wounded part of my chakra system. My guess is that many of you reading this can relate. And my guess is that if you detest orange as much as I did, your body really needs it.


One of my clients also had this same experience with orange. In fact, several of my clients have. I imagine they have found their way to me because we share several of the same wounds/issues. I have gone through what they are now going through. I can see their pain and struggles because I have experienced the same ones. It does not make me wiser, just puts me further down the path of life, so I can help shine a light on their struggles and give them tools they can use to move through their own blockages and challenges.




Once I got to the other side of orange, I began to like it, then love it and now I adore it. I find it the most gorgeous color and see so much light within it, while before it always seemed muddy to me. Have any of you ever responded to orange that way? Is this perhaps a color you might need to replenish?


You can see now that your reaction to orange, or to any color, can indicate whether or not you might need it, or whether or not you have too much of it. If you like or love orange, you probably do not have issues with co-dependency, past issues of addictions or abuse, or issues with your creativity/sexuality. If you react adversely to orange, you probably DO have issues with one, or more, of these things. But relax if you do, because orange is here to help you heal your woundings in these areas. Believe me, given time, focus and dedication to the use of orange, you can heal yourself.




Here are some ways to do that:

EAT: oranges, tangerines, carrots, pumkin and other orange fruits and vegetables

WEAR: orange clothing. If you hate orange as I once did, you can wear an orange tee shirt under a sweater or shirt, or use orange underwear or socks. Another alternative is to use a scarf or tie that has orange in it but other colors around it so that it dampens the effect of wearing orange.

DRINK: orange juice, carrot juice etc. Making it freshly squeezed adds zest and purity.

DISPLAY: orange zinnias, nasturtiums, mums, or lilies, or any orange flower on your desk or by your bed

USE: orange accessories in your clothing or home décor

EMPLOY: orange linens, sheets, towels, placemats, plates, napkins

CREATE: using orange paints, crayons, pencils, paper, fabrics, wool etc.

HOLD: orange gems and stones in your hands

DIFFUSE: essential oils that relate to orange such as orange essence and neroli

DROP: orange blossom essences into your drinks or straight into your mouth under the tongue

SPRAY: Simply Color Orange Spray around your body, on your pillowcases, in your car




The complementary color to Orange is blue. We can use blue to mitigate the effects of having too much orange in your field. Some of those symptoms would be people who lie, those who have an eating disorder, exhibitionists, people who over indulge, those who are social climbers. Bringing in blue will soften the effects of orange and help bring it back into balance.


To bring blue in:

EAT: blueberries, blue potatoes, eggplant, or any blue foods

WEAR: any shade of blue

DRINK: grape juice, blueberry juice, any blue juice including the blue Gatorade

DISPLAY: chicory, forget-me-nots, blue hydrangeas, blue iris

USE: blue accessories in your clothing or decor

EMPLOY: blue linens for the bed, table and bath

CREATE: using blue paper, paints, crayons….any blue sources for your artwork, sewing, knitting etc.

HOLD: blue gems and stones in your hands

DIFFUSE: Blue related oils such as peppermint

DROP: blue flower essences into your water or place under the tongue and let your body absorb it

SPRAY: Simply Color Blue Spray around your body, on your pillowcase, in your bath etc.




Our next color is Yellow. See you next time!




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Color expert Diantha Harris offers a series of tools to help you reach your life’s potential, among which are classes, personal consultations, in-depth readings, a series of color sprays she has created especially, and two wonderful books chock full of information. Her newest book, Simply Color for Everyday Living, was published just recently and is the long awaited sequel to her first, Simply Color, Second Edition. Both books and all services are available through her website, Life Potentials.


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