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Green: The Center of It All

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What is green, has a heartbeat, and never steers us wrong? Our heart chakra!

Welcome back to our Simply Color series for Life Out of Bounds! We are now at the fulcrum point of our chakra system and in the realm of the color green. We have looked at why we work with color, how to select the color to work with, and we have covered red, orange and yellow. Green is at the center of it all and indeed, we are taught to live “from the heart”, to “follow our heart”. Why? Because it is in the green that we find our life’s path, our direction in life, our mission, our reason for being here.

Isn’t it synchronous that, in the month when we celebrate St. Patrick, our color is GREEN! I can assure you that this was not planned!




Green is a secondary color containing the two primaries of yellow and blue. Because it carries each of those colors within it, it contains elements from both yellow and blue as well as its own characteristics. From the yellow think of clarity and focus. From the blue, think of truth, trust, and communication (we will cover blue more thoroughly in the next article).


Green itself is growth, new beginnings, relates to nature, and most definitely relates to our physical, etheric and spiritual hearts. Green’s complement is red and we use red when we draw hearts for Valentine’s Day. Remember that red is passionate as well as green’s complement, so using red for hearts is a perfect choice someone made along the way.




And with spring around the corner, literally in three more days, what better color to write about with new growth bursting forth in so many areas. Green is about second chances too, starting over, giving things another shot. We often have to engage our hearts, don’t we, when we give things one more try. We have to reach into the depths of those hearts to find the energy, drive and focus to keep going, try again, or start anew.

Since it is about new beginnings, it can also relate to being new at something that we often use the word “green” when referring to someone who is a novice at something: “He is so green at his job.” I wonder if that is what Kermit was feeling as he sang “It’s not easy being green.” Because it is never easy being new at anything!




It is also the color we relate with our home. As such, it is used to comfort those who are homesick and yearning to return home. Such a yearning has been called ‘refugee syndrome’ from those millions of people in different eras who have been displaced in our human history. Using green around these people is wrapping them up in heart and home energy, and will help assuage that sense of not belonging anywhere.

Green is the color of freshness and life. When we go shopping for green veggies we look for the intensity of the green in them. When the life force is weak, the green fades towards the yellow and when it is strong, the hue is strongly green, sometimes even with hints of blue. We can tell by looking which vegetables are fresh and vibrant, and which are almost ready to be disposed of.




In our chakra system, the three lower chakras refer to our physical bodies, while the higher three to our spiritual bodies. The heart chakra is where the two meet, so it is the bridge between the two bodies, the place where they cross over into each other, and where our center lies.

Green is the color that helps us make decisions when things are foggy, unclear, and unfocused. Bringing a bit of the yellow in helps us with those things, thus making things clear, while adding in the truth factor in the blue certainly helps us make our decisions. So when you need to make a decision and feel confused, call in the green to help you out.




I once had a client who was in the field of helping corporate America become more conscious and heart centered. He worked diligently in this field, leading hundreds of workshops over the years, and valiantly guiding corporate leaders out of the abyss of corporations and their limiting belief systems.

This man, whom I will call John Doe to protect his identity, came to me for years for support in keeping his own heart open as his challenge was great. Corporations are usually not open to change, as they see change as threatening to the status quo. Therefore, it was up to the leaders in each company to see the value in this work.




Mr. Doe was repeatedly depleted in the green area of his body, so we heaped lots of green energy on him as he continued to change things bit by bit. Green not only kept his heart open, it helped him to find new ways of doing things, keeping the process fresh for all involved, and it helped him stay on his path as he worked his mission in life.

Mr. Doe has, in his later years, morphed into another version of himself, and is doing more finely tuned activities in his life. He has learned how green has supported him in his beautiful work, and how it has helped and is helping him move down his path, making decisions as he goes. He has learned to have faith in his work and in his direction, and has learned through the green to pay attention to new pathways available to him.

Such is the power of green.




How do we bring green in for support:

EAT   green foods such as green fruits and veggies, green salads, avocados, herbs, mint ice cream

WEAR   green clothing, jewelry and accessories

DRINK   green liquids such as green juices & smoothies, wheat grass juice, aloe vera etc.

DISPLAY   green flowers or plants beside your bed or on your desk

USE   green accessories in your environment

EMPLOY   green bed linens and towels

CREATE   using green crayons, paints, pastels, wool, fabrics, paper and other green items in your creative projects

HOLD   green gems such as jade or emerald

DIFFUSE   essential oils the relate to green such a peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree and others

DROP   green flower essences into your drinks or straight into your mouth under your tongue

SPRAY   Simply Color Green around your body, in your spaces, and in your car

Most of all:

DO  spend time in nature, especially in forests with conifers, something that is extremely beneficial on so many levels. You can read more on the benefits of nature and “forest bathing” in particular at this page.




The complementary color of green is Red. When we have an overabundance of green we might see envy, jealousy, greed, or miserliness appear.

To mitigate an excess of green, use the color red:

EAT  red foods such as red apples, raspberries, strawberries, cherries, red licorice, bell peppers, tomatoes and tomato based sauces and dishes

WEAR  red clothing; red socks are especially fun to wear when you need red; red accessories and jewelry

DRINK  red liquids such as red wine, and red juices (pomegranate, cherry etc.)

DISPLAY  red flowers close to you on your desk or by your bed

USE  red accessories on your person, and around your rooms

EMPLOY  red bed linens and towels

CREATE  using red crayons, paints, pastels, papers and other red items in your creative projects

HOLD  red gems such as ruby, or garnet

DIFFUSE  essential oils that relate to red such as sandalwood

DROP  red flower essences into your drinks or straight into your mouth under your tongue

SPRAY  Simply Color Red around your body, in your spaces and in your car




So glad you are going on this rainbow journey with me. Next month, our color is BLUE.


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day for tomorrow to all who celebrate, and Happy Spring/Fall Equinox to all.






— — — — —


Color expert Diantha Harris offers a series of tools to help you reach your life’s potential, among which are classes, personal consultations, in-depth readings, a series of color sprays she has created especially, and two wonderful books chock full of information. Her newest book, Simply Color for Everyday Living, was published just recently and is the long awaited sequel to her first, Simply Color, Second Edition. Both books and all services are available through her website, Life Potentials.


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  • Lorraine @Not Quite Nigella03/17/2016 - 5:48 pm

    A very spiritual post Monica! I didn’t know that you could use red too as well as green although it makes total sense 🙂ReplyCancel

    • Monica Schwartz03/17/2016 - 6:15 pm

      Hi Lorraine! Yes, indeed. Even for me, green and pink would go together, but red & green, not so much. I learned different over time. And, after all, pink can be a paler shade of red (or magenta). 🙂ReplyCancel

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