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Dealing with Grief and Sorrow? Purple is the Color that Can Help

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Welcome back to our series on color and wellbeing. We have come to our final color: Violet. I always call it purple, so for the sake of this article, you can use the words interchangeably. It is the color of our seventh chakra, which lies at the crown of our heads, and is thus the chakra that connects us to Divine Inspiration. It is the color where the masculine and feminine energies are equal, and where the warm and cool colors are in balance.

Historically, purple dye was made from tiny, tiny shells, and it took thousands of them to create just a bit of the dye, so the color was used to dye the robes of royalty and rulers. If you remember, the Roman Senators all wore white robes with a band of purple on them, and it is fairly common to see royalty portrayed in robes of purple in works of art.

So purple took on the meaning of power, royalty, leadership. It also was the color related to magicians such as Merlin, or Harry Potter, so it is a color infused with that meaning as well. We think of alchemy, or the transformation of one element into another, thus purple is all about transformation and transitions.




Purple is also a color we use for healing, particularly spiritual healing. Orange is quite often used for emotional healing, green for physical healing, and purple for spiritual healing. Purple is also used when we need to make healing transitions or transformations.

When one is transitioning from one phase of life to another, from one job to another, going through their own transition from this life to another form, or experiencing the transition of a loved one, we can call in purple for support. I once had all the Aura Soma bottles sitting on my kitchen counter when a woman walked in, a woman I did not know. She went right for the bottle of purple, picked it up and held it to her heart. What I found out in talking to her was that she had just lost her Mother and was grieving deeply. The purple reached out to her and she responded. It was a beautiful moment to witness.




And here I would like to take a detour, and speak about how color does stand out to us when we need it. When I taught Aura Soma and was doing individual readings, several times I would have people walk into the room and a bottle would burst open. Several other times an order would come to clients and one or more bottles broke open before they got there. Now you might think: so what? They are bottles made of glass, so of course they will break now and then. But why only a certain color, and why would it be the exact color that person needed so badly? It would only happen when the person was in desperate need of that color.




Therefore know that color is a conscious entity, and that it makes itself available to you even without you knowing. You might be browsing for clothing and finding yourself attracted to a garment because of its color. Pay attention. You might be shopping in the grocery store, or the farmers’ market, and find yourself attracted to a vegetable or fruit, or even packaging that grabs your eye. Pay attention. You might be walking through the garden and see a flower, bird, insect that catches your eye. Pay attention. It is often the color that is calling to you and telling you it is here to help and support, or to transform your challenge.




Purple: the color of royalty, transitions, transformations, alchemy, magic, and our connection to the Divine. This is the realm of the spirit and soul. This is where our energy body opens to inspiration from above, from a higher Source, or what I call God. We connect, too, to our higher selves here, and from this place we can often solve relationship issues, and problems that are beyond our ability to change.

Because it is the color of our spiritual connection, it is quite often a color used in the clothing of clergy. And it is the color we can use in times of loss, grief, sorrow to help us heal. We use up massive amounts of it when we grieve, and it is an important color to infuse into those all too prevalent mass shootings that are occurring in our society today. It is also to be infused into any situation in which there is great loss of life, or loss of security, such as after flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcano eruptions. There are plenty of situations in which to employ this powerful hue.




When we have too little purple and need more, it shows up as dullness, confusion, lack of inspiration, narrow mindedness, or being stuck in grief and sorrow. This is when we infuse our energy body with purple.

When we have an overabundance of purple in our energy system, we can be in a precarious mode of wanting to escape via suicide, drug use, and other methods of escapism. It can be someone who is too much in their heads and has forgotten about the body. It can mean depression, anxiety, isolation, or elitism. This is when we infuse our bodies with purple’s complementary color, yellow.




To bring in more Purple:

EAT:  purple grapes, purple potatoes, eggplant, purple cauliflower

WEAR:  any shade of purple

DRINK:  dark red wine, grape juice

DISPLAY:  purple and lavender flowers

USE:  purple, lavender and violet accessories in your clothing and décor

EMPLOY:  purple, violet, lavender linens, dishes, placemats, bath towels

CREATE:  using purple crayons, paints, pastels, paper, wool… all in varying shades in the purple family

HOLD:  purple, violet or lavender stones or gems in your hands

DIFFUSE:  purple related essential oils, such as violet or lavender

DROP:  purple, violet or lavender flower essences in your water or under your tongue

SPRAY: Simply Color Purple Spray around your body, on your pillow or in your bath




To add more Yellow into your life:

EAT:  yellow squash, lemons, bananas, yellow apples, acorn squash

WEAR:  yellow clothing, particularly over the solar plexus area

DRINK:  lemonade and lemon water

DISPLAY:  yellow flowers such as mums, zinnias, daffodils, tulips, forsythia

USE:  yellow accessories in your clothing and décor

EMPLOY:  yellow linens, towels, blankets, placemats, dishes

CREATE:  using yellow pencils, pastels, paints, papers etc.

HOLD:  yellow gems and stones in your hands

DIFFUSE:  essential oils that relate to yellow, such as lemon or citrus

DROP:  yellow flower essences into your drinks or directly under your tongue

SPRAY:  Simply Color Yellow Spray around your body, on your pillow, into your car




It has been a joy to collaborate with Monica in this series on color. I hope you have enjoyed it and have learned a bit about how to work with color. It is a tool we always have with us, as we can always just bring it into our conscious minds, or do some color breathing. Enjoy and use the gifts of the colors because they truly are here to serve you as evidenced by anecdotes I shared with you in this article about the Aura Soma bottles.


Rainbow blessings to you!




Color expert Diantha Harris offers a series of tools to help you reach your life’s potential, among which are classes, personal consultations, in-depth readings, a series of color sprays she has created especially, and two wonderful books chock full of information. Her newest book, Simply Color for Everyday Living, was published just recently and is the long awaited sequel to her first, Simply Color, Second Edition. Both books and all services are available through her website, Life Potentials.


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