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I may be showing you images of the garden through April, but I am writing this on the afternoon of May 1st, and the weather outside is that of July, with the thermometer screaming 90°F (32°C)!

Two things must have happened while I wasn’t looking: 1. I blinked and skipped April altogether; 2. We walked through a portal and are now in Phoenix, AZ, because I could fry eggs on the hood of my car if I left it parked in the sun. At 2 am last night, after hours of tossing and turning, and pups huffing and puffing and moving about in search of a cooler spot, I gave in and turned on the a/c. Now I am super grateful for two things: a carport for my car, and a/c.




This morning I had this wild notion of stopping at the garden center to pick up some herbs to repot and grow on my porch, but by 9:30 am it was already too hot to even consider. I did stop by the garden center, but all I did was scout. I would not do that to poor little delicate plants, and I would not put myself through it either, not for another week at least, when temperatures are forecasted back into the 70s.

Afterwards, I thought I would pick up popsicles with my groceries, but I had forgotten the cooler, and they would have melted by the time I got home, even if the drive is only about 7-8 minutes. I bought a watermelon instead.

I just now watched Cody who, after insisting on my opening the door to the patio for him (he likes to get his daily dose of vitamin D), placed one paw on the surface and immediately backed in again with a confused look on his face. “I told you, it’s hot today. You can go out later!”




So, how was your April? Did it go by as fast as mine? Because January, February and March plodded along nicely one day at a time, but April took a leaf out of the Enterprise and zoomed past at warp speed. I had to look at my planner and all the notes written on each day to believe I actually lived through April. However, reading that also reminded me of how many times I had to take antihistamines, and if I total the hours spent knocked out by those, that’s about a week accounted for!




Somehow, though, I managed to get a lot done in April, including one multi-step project I had been meaning to get to for some time. I also got back to tackling The Mound in the living room, sorting through more boxes and taking a carload of donations to the local Community Project thrift store. Alas, I have still not found the kitchen utensils I have been looking for. But I found my art supplies, all of them. Happy dance!

When I got back to the sorting after a whole month of forced pause, I caught myself doing things mechanically, and had to remind myself of my own promise to only keep what I need, use or truly love. Hence the carload of donations. Yet a few items were not easy to let go, even if I do have photos of them. They were both items of clothing, both with history, even if I had not worn them in some time, and knew that I would not again because my taste and needs have changed. I hesitated for a couple of days, then I imagined my Mum next to me and heard her voice in my head: “Go on, put them in the box, what are you keeping them for!” So I did. And I may have to use the Mum technique again, I’m sure. But I had to cut cords twice in the days after the drop off, as the items kept calling me. I am good now.

Actually, each time I sort through some boxes, organize, donate or sell I feel lighter and more energized. I highly recommend it.




Not nearly as much as March, but April had its bit of drama, with my Dad undergoing a cornea transplant on the 20th, and my Mum getting all agitated over that. And when my Mum gets agitated I end up spending hours on FaceTime with her (ah, that’s where another week went!). Keeping grounded, clearing my energy and cutting cords helps me stay centered during these more challenging moments. And if I stay centered, I somehow manage to get my Mum back to center, eventually.

While that was happening on the other side of the Atlantic, a dear friend here in California went on a spring break trip with her family, but instead of having a good time, she ended up at a hospital for over a week. Meanwhile, another dear friend on the Big Island of Hawai’i was in a major car accident, and had to be airlifted to Honolulu for emergency surgery to fix multiple and serious fractures. Ay, caramba!

So lots of light, energy, prayers, reiki and so forth have been flying back and forth at the speed of, well, light probably, or possibly intention, which is even faster. Thank you to all those who pitched in with all that good juju, you know who you are. You have made a difference, as always. My Dad’s surgery went well, and he has been home almost a week already and doing really well. It took a case of the sniffles to tone down my Mum, but she is now fine, too. My California friend is also doing much better, and is moving forward with therapy. And my friend in Hawai’i was well taken care of, and though she still has stints, rods and nails planted in her lower body, she is also now home and beginning the next level of rehab.




Ok, let’s lighten up! Cody is doing well, and not only has a check up at the vet yielded a “He’s doing good!”, but he seems to be allergy free for the first time in almost a year, and scab-free for possibly the first time in his life. He is still asking to go out on the porch, by the way. Stubborn ass!




Are  you enjoying how lush and blooming the April garden is? In California, of course. I have read that, with this past winter’s rains the California wildflower bloom is so rich and widespread that it is visible from space. I think I shared the article on the LOOB Facebook page.
Did any of you enjoy the cherry blossoms? There are no cherry trees in the orchard, but there are Asian pear trees, and Fuji apple trees, and those were in bloom in April.




And I just love the riot of wildflowers and grasses growing by the creek. For some reason they remind me of childhood summers, when we ran and played in the neighboring fields and woods.




Of course, as May approaches, the first roses remind us who will be queen of the garden in the new month.

Talking about May and flowers, May Day is one of the times I really miss being in Hawai’i. The Lei Day celebrations are among the most beautiful of Hawaiian traditions, with exquisite flower lei everywhere, including those in competition, which are spectacular. You can view my photo story of the one in Honolulu at this page.

It is also one of the stories I am sharing in my very first newsletter, which is going out tomorrow! Yes, I am excited because I am really pleased with the result, and can’t wait to hear what you think. If you have not subscribed and are interested, you can do so through the widget at the top of the sidebar, or right here at this link. You will receive a free, downloadable e-book I have created, that is perfect to help you gain a deeper connection with nature.




Watermelon is calling really loudly from the refrigerator, and my Boyz are asking for dinner, so I will be off. Next update in about a month, hopefully with just lots of fun stuff!

May your May be wonderful and colorful, whether you are in the northern or southern hemisphere!



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