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Hokulani – the most elegant Pomeranian in Hawai’i



I bet you have never seen such an elegant Pompom before!
Meet Hokulani, the most elegant Pomeranian girl on O’ahu, for sure, and possibly all of Hawai’i. In the image above, and several below, she was posing for a magazine cover. Oh yes, Hokulani is also a cover girl, having graced the cover of Island Dog Magazine. In her case, no make up was necessary, and there was no photoshopping or retouching. She is a natural beauty.




Hoku has a closet that would be the envy of Carrie Bradshaw, and on that day she modeled several outfits for our Christmas cover shoot. This adorable girl is very patient and lets her Daddy Norman dress her up for all occasions. When modeling for a cover shoot, there is one trick that works best of all….




T-R-E-A-T-S of course! You know, the stuff that has to be spelled all the time in front of any dog, and in front of some even spelling doesn’t work.




Hokulani is quite the social animal – literally in this case. Her Daddy Norman and Mommy Debbie take her all over the island to attend social events and gatherings, and everyone wants their picture taken with this cutest of celebrities. Hoku has a unique trick that she does when getting her picture taken: she will place her hand/paw on your shoulder just like you were her best buddy. She was not taught to do this, it is all her own idea and people are amazed.

You can view a lot of these images on her own Facebook page, which her Daddy updates faithfully after every outing.




Some of Hoku’s favorite events are the Spam Jam (they are trying to get her to be their mascot), the Eisa Drumming Festival (an Okinawan drumming club) for which she will dress in her authentic Eisa outfit, the Aloha Festivals, the Da Kine Canine Festival and other fun dog events, and all events where food is involved – which in Hawai’i is practically all the time.

She loves meeting people and if she makes someone laugh or smile, she knows that is a good thing and that she did her job. I assure you, she makes everyone smile.


Hokulani doesn’t only dress up and cruise for fun though. She also dresses up and goes cruising for good causes, like charity events with the HHS and the OSPCA.

So if you are on O’ahu, especially around Honolulu and the other main centers, you are likely to run into Hokulani.


Hokulani the Calendar Hula Girl


The last time I photographed her, I met her and her daddy in a park in Kaneohe, on the Windward side of O’ahu. I was waiting by the side of the street while Norman and Hoku pulled up with the car, window down. Hoku came to the window and instantly covered me in slurpy kisses. Aaahhh, nothing like puppy love.




That day I photographed her in a cute hula girl outfit for a calendar, and the image above made the cut, making Hoku not just a cover girl, but also a calendar girl. We need to explain this to Julie Walters, Helen Mirren and the rest of the gang.

There were a couple of ‘hey, let me sniff a little over here!’ moments, but otherwise she posed like the pro that she is.




We were even visited by an Angel, as you can see in the image below. Now, that is something that doesn’t happen very often. And no, that is not lens flare, I did not photoshop it in, and that is the only photo in which this appeared. 🙂




The first time I officially met Hokulani was when I went to her house for the cover shoot with John and Carol Harmon, publishers of Island Dog Magazine. When we walked in and I saw Hoku and all the clothes I exclaimed: “Oh, it’s you!”

That’s  because the very first time I saw her and photographed her I did not know who she was. It was at the Da Kine Canine Festival, which Carol and John organize every Labor Day weekend in Kailua. This is a fun event which focuses on dogs and their humans, and it is inevitably noisy and full of distractions. I could not help but notice this cute little dog wearing a Chanel inspired outfit snuggled in her Daddy’s arm completely unfazed by all that was going on around her.

She posed for me without a glitch, and off they went. She was instantly Mizz Chanel in my mind.




Below you can see a rare image of Hokulani: she is naked and she is not wearing goggles. She always wears goggles when outside to protect her eyes from the strong Hawaiian sun.

Here she is posing among some of her outfits that were laid out the day of the cover shoot for us to choose from.




Hoku also has her own video on YouTube: Hokulani’s Hawaiian Twelve Days of Christmas. Go check it out!

And don’t forget to follow Hokulani on Facebook.



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