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Ze Boyz: “Woofs & wiggles everyone! Long time no see, hear, bark, eat treats…! Well, we actually eat those all the time, but, you know what we mean. Anyway, we thought we would show you our new digs. We just loooove hanging out on the lawn and exploring in the bushes…”

Cody: “Oops, I wasn’t supposed to say that. Don’t let Mommy know that I sneak off into the bushes as I am not allowed.”

Tyler: “Duh! That’s because if she did not keep an eye on you, you would follow your nose to Timbuktu without knowing you were doing it until you got there.”

Cody: “But there are all these interesting smells here. You know, all those critters Mommy talks about, but we never see… skunks, foxes, raccoons….”

Tyler: “Good thing the squirrels come around during the day, it’s so fun to bark at them.”

Cody: “Yeah, I love chasing them down the lawn. Even imaginary squirrels! BOL!”




Tyler: “So, how do you like our new place? Beautiful, isn’t it? We have been sniffing around here for almost four months. Everyday something is new and different. And we love talking to the tulips.”

Cody: “Speak for yourself. I love barking at invisible things much better, and for no reason at all. So much more fun!”

Tyler: “Yeah, well, I like doing that, too. Such fun barking at invisible people and animals! Now, don’t you think I look cute? That’s worth a handful of treats at least. What do you say!?”

Cody: “Hamming it up as always, aren’t you, you attention monster!”

Tyler: “As the song says, if you goooot it… flaunt it!”




Cody: “Well, I’m having a bit of a bad hair day in this photo. That’s what happens when you wrestle my brother in the wet grass. So please look at the photo below where you can see how cute I really am. That’s my ‘Am I gonna get a treat?’ face. Isn’t it adorable? Wouldn’t you give that cute puppy a treat? Or two, or three?”




Tyler: “I tell you, the breeze here smells really sweet. Mommy says it’s all those beautiful flowers that are blooming. I wonder if there is a plant that blossoms into barbecue. Or roast chicken for that matter, both are equally delicious.”

Cody: “Mmmmm…. roast beef, hamburger, short ribs, ham… cheese, too! I like cheese, and tuna… I don’t like bananas.”

Tyler: “Shut up, you are making me drool! Is it dinner time yet?”

Cody: “How many times have you asked that already?”

Tyler: “No point you complaining. You are happy when I keep asking, as you always get something, too.”

Cody: “Yeah, well… let’s run inside and see if it’s dinner time. Come on, we haven’t done that in at least five minutes.”




Tyler: “Before we head in, let me give a step-by-step demonstration on the art of peeing. Here goes: first you sniff out the perfect spot. You keep going until you find it, because the perfect spot is essential. When you find the right spot, you look up and around, pretending nonchalance, then you lift your leg in a graceful move and just let it all go while looking really cool. You want to lift your leg even if there is not tree as it is much more elegant than squatting.”

Cody: “Pleeze! There is nothing wrong with a good squat. I squat to pee and I look as cool as the next dog.”

Tyler: “Yeah, except there no next dog here. It’s just us. So, come on, repeat after me…. sniffffff… and flip, leg up! And again: sniffffff… and flip, leg up!”

Cody: “Can you see my eyes rolling?”




Tyler: “By the way, I have heard something about going to the groomer tomorrow?”

Cody: “Glom! Yes, I have heard the same thing myself. I pretended not to hear. I always play dumb when she mentions any of these words: groomer, bath, getting groomed, vet….”

Tyler: “Maybe we can get extra treats for that.”

Cody: “Treats? There better be some serious chicken when we are done!”


Monica: “Booooys!!! Dinner!!!”


Tyler: “Ok, you guys, we got to run! She mentioned the magic word!”

Cody: “Yeah, it was fun to visit with you all. We hope you enjoyed seeing our place and getting an update. Just remember, next time, bring treats!!”

Ze Boyz: “Lots of treats! Woofs, wiggles and slurpy kisses from us to you. BOL!”



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