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When Your Life is Overwhelming, Where Do You Find Peace?

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When your life is overwhelming, which color will bring you the most peace?

Blue of course. Blue is “the peace that passeth all understanding.” Blue is quiet, cool, and is the one color you could most disappear into, letting it envelope you in its calm embrace.

Personally, I adore blue. And I know I am not unusual, as the majority of people consider blue to be their most favorite color. It is not an accident that most people will state either blue or green as their favorite, since we are surrounded by a world made up of those colors. Even if you live in a desert, you have a huge expanse of blue above you giving your energy body an everlasting supply of the blue ray.




The more I study and write about color, the more reverent and awed I become. It is never more true, though, than when I write about blue. Like many people, I associate blue with a child’s perspective of the idea of heaven. If you also thought of heaven as up there in the sky somewhere when you were little, you will still have this association buried somewhere in your psyche and cells.

I have mentioned more than once about how, as we move through our challenges in life, we deplete our supply of the color(s) that relate to that challenge. Blue’s energetic domain is the throat/thyroid, and relates to communication of the spoken word. Often, if we are having trouble with speaking, we need more blue unless we are speaking too much, in which case we need less of it.




Years ago, when I was emerging from my years growing up in the ‘children should be seen and not heard” philosophy of childrearing, I went through an intensive blue phase. I wore blue morning, noon and night for years. But during that time period I began to find my own voice, my own way of communicating, which had been thwarted until then. I used to have a terrible time speaking up in class, and would often freeze when asked to speak. I once was so terrified at giving a speech that I fainted in front of the whole class.

To me speaking was not natural. It still isn’t. I am much better at writing. But, if I was going to get anywhere as an adult, I had to learn to speak. It was as if I were using a whole new muscle. For those of you who have the gift of gab you may not understand my situation, of how terrifying it was to hear sounds coming out of my throat. I am sure that was due to things other than my upbringing because neither of my sisters has this issue. Past life experiences, which I have tapped into, make it perfectly natural for blue to be one of my main life issues.





This is interesting because, if you go back to my piece on orange, you will find that orange was the color I most needed to use when I started working with color for healing. And what is orange? The complementary color of blue. Complementary therapy is often needed when working with colors, which gets us into a whole other discussion beyond the scope of this article. But trust me, when you find a color you need, take a good look at its complementary color, and chances are you will need to fortify or mitigate it.




My blue phase preceded my orange phase and both phases were quite intense in my use of those colors. My body so needed them that I could not get enough of either one. And while blue is the color of our sky, living in the cloudy Midwest, under a sky that most often was white or gray, I did not get much blue from above and had to find it elsewhere.

Hmmmm, Any wonder I am a nut for blueberry anything? Or that at one time my entire closet was blue? Or that my favorite color has been blue most of my life?




Interesting how things all unfold, and when we review our lives we see the patterns, the hows and wherefores, and reasons for experiences we have had. At the time, fainting in front of my classmates was humiliating, but now I see it as my body’s cry for help. I was just too young to understand that, or know what I needed. This is where intuition took over and I began to wear nothing but blue. Except for one outfit I purchased in college that was orange. I could not understand why I bought it. I did not like orange at all except it felt so good. Thankfully I trusted my instincts instead of using my brain, which at the time had not “connected the dots” to our need for colors in our healing process.




Blue is communication. It is peace. It is the Divine Feminine. In religious art you most often see Mother Mary clothed in a blue robe. Sometimes it is lined in red, which signifies sacrifice, and/or a white trim on the hood, which is the connection to Divine Source. Blue is that space in which we can be held, floating, supported, loved. Blue is dependability, trust, faith, safety. It is also masculine authority, loyalty (true blue), and devotion.

In its challenge it can be depression (feeling blue), feelings of isolation, being too quiet or reclusive like a hermit, or persons who put things off or do not deal with life’s issues.

Blue is the color of Divine Will. Yellow is the color of Individual Will. Combining blue and yellow together creates green, the color of the heart and it is in the heart that both wills unite creating that co-creative spirit that we need in order to confirm and carry out our life’s path, also the domain of green.

Pretty cool, eh?




One more note on blue, and that is to be aware that too much blue in our interiors can be off putting to people, so if you are in the market to sell your house, best to downplay the blue. Otherwise have at it and use it all you want. Just be aware that it can appear cold and depressing, so if you have any issues along those lines, take that into consideration before using it.

If you need more blue, you might be lacking confidence, be untruthful, unorganized, or apathetic, have issues with speaking up. So here is what to do:

EAT:  all blue foods such as blueberries, blue potatoes, blue grapes

WEAR:  blue clothing, scarves, ties, shirts, underwear, socks, but particularly blue around the throat like a scarf or jewelry

DRINK:  blue liquids like blueberry smoothies, Blue Moon Ice Cream, a blackberry milkshake, blue grape juice, lemonade with a few drops of curaçao

DISPLAY:  blue flowers in a vase, especially by your computer or phone, or anywhere you might be speaking

USE:  blue accessories, paintings, and other personal and home décor

EMPLOY:  blue linens, towels, plates, placemats

CREATE:  using blue crayons, paints, pastels, papers and fabrics

HOLD:  blue gems and stones in your hands such as sapphire, chrysocolla or lapis lazuli

DIFFUSE:  essential oils that are from blue flowers such as chamomile or thyme

DROP:  blue flower essences into your drinks or under the tongue

SPRAY:  Simply Color BLUE spray around your body, on your pillow, around your desk, or in your car




The complementary color of BLUE is ORANGE. You can use orange to mitigate having too much blue in your system. This would be when depressed or feeling isolated, for dogmatic people and those who are bossy, critical, arrogant or stubborn.

EAT:  oranges, tangerines, mangoes, carrots and other (naturally) orange foods

WEAR:  orange clothing. If you hate orange as I once did, you can wear an orange tee shirt under a sweater or shirt, or use orange underwear or socks. Another alternative is to use a scarf, tie, shirt or blouse that has orange in it but other colors around it so that it dampens the effect of wearing orange.

DRINK:  orange juice, or juice from other orange fruits. Making it freshly squeezed adds zest and purity.

DISPLAY:  orange zinnias, nasturtiums, mums, or lilies or any orange flower on your desk or by your bed

USE:  orange accessories in your clothing or décor

EMPLOY:  orange linens, sheets, towels, placemats, plates, napkins

CREATE:  using orange paints, crayons, pencils, papers, wool, fabrics etc.

HOLD:  orange gems and stones in your hands, such as amber

DIFFUSE:  essential oils that relate to orange such as orange essence

DROP:  orange flower essences into your drinks, or straight into your mouth under the tongue

SPRAY:  Simply Color Orange Spray around your body, on your pillowcases, in your car




Hope you have enjoyed your journey through the colors so far. Our next color is INDIGO.

For more information on color and how to use it, see my latest book Simply Color for Everyday Living, with also contributions by twenty-five other professionals.




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Color expert Diantha Harris offers a series of tools to help you reach your life’s potential, among which are classes, personal consultations, in-depth readings, a series of color sprays she has created especially, and two wonderful books chock full of information. Her newest book, Simply Color for Everyday Living, was published just recently and is the long awaited sequel to her first, Simply Color, Second Edition. Both books and all services are available through her website, Life Potentials.

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  • Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella04/18/2016 - 11:09 pm

    I’ve never really delved into colour therapy. I do know that I do love the colour red a lot so I don’t know what that means. And that a person said that they saw an orange aura around me and she said that was a good thing? 🙂ReplyCancel

    • Monica Schwartz04/19/2016 - 9:33 am

      Hi Lorraine, red has been my Mom’s forever favorite color, too. Red has to do with the first chakra, with grounding, our relationship to Mother Earth, and our physical Mother, our sense of security. Orange is related to our creativity, sexuality and the way in which we relate to the world. I had my aura photographed twice, one time it also had a lot of orange, while the second time the predominant color was gold, with some pink. If you are interested in more, you might read the articles on red and orange, and checking out Diantha’s website and books would also deepen the answers. 🙂ReplyCancel

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